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Recap of 2022

1 minute read

It’s been a while… It has been so long that I forgot how I was writing my blogs back then. My life didn’t change that much. Actually, it is getting worse.

Confession Time

2 minute read

A failure story Last week, I received an email from Let’s Encrypt reminding me to renew my certificates. I forgot to renew it and the certificate expired. No...

Never Get Trapped in Grub Rescue Again!

4 minute read

Anytime I install a new system on my machine, I pray God for nothing bad happens. But it usually happens. When I reboot, I find myself in the “Grub rescue” m...

Creating a Useless User

1 minute read

Story In my previous post, I explained how to do port forwarding to access some machine behind private network. I will use this method to fix some issues in ...

Using ffmpeg for Simple Video Editing

1 minute read

Story Today, I have recorded a video for one of my classes and I was required to upload it till midnight. The video was perfect except for a few seconds wher...

Stop cat-pipe’ing, You Are Doing It Wrong!

2 minute read

cat some_file | grep some_pattern I’m sure that you run a command something like above at least once if you are using terminal. You know how cat and grep wo...

First blog post

3 minute read

Hello, World!* So here I am and welcome to my first blog. Having a personal space on the Internet has been a dream for me for years and I am happy that it fi…